Saturday, July 4, 2009

July 4

Jimmy and I talked it over and decided that it would not be disrespectful for us to take Hudson to the parade and to the park. You just can't keep a baby at the hospital all day long. I have been checking in by phone every hour or so, but nothing has changed. Early this morning I took him outside to take a couple of pictures while he was fresh. He looks so cute in his red, white, and blue!

I had to be quick with the flag pictures, because they are definitely not made for a little teether.

Here's my two best fellas chilling out at the parade. I didn't know how Hudson would react to all the loud noises, but he was very laid back. Several times he had an almost bored look on his face! Go figure! He got really excited about one old car in the parade, but it was plain dark green with no bells or whistles. I don't know what attracted him, but he was leaning almost out of his stroller and chattering to it. After the parade, we went by the park. Jimmy had never been to the park on the 4th! We saw tons of people and ate some really greasy food and went home fat and happy.

Hudson was pooped out after all the festivities and took a good nap. Hopefully he'll be rested up for more fun tonight!

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  1. Did you see Bri Bri marching with the high school band? Mr. Sipes the band director is in doubt whether or not she will be abe to do half time shows, that man doesn't know we don't tell her she can't do something just because she was born without a foot. Tell your mom I love her and yall let me know if you need anything. Hudson is soooooo cute!