Sunday, July 19, 2009

Back from the beach

Phew! We're back from the beach and had an absolutely fabulous time! I know these are way too many pictures to post, but I couldn't weed out any of them. I was so excited to see Hudson's response when he saw the ocean for the first time, but he acted like it was totally no big deal. It was like he'd been sitting in waves his whole life. His first time in the water. Notice I have a death grip on his arm!Mommy and Hudson both nap after a long morning of playing on the beach.

It was a challenge chasing Hudson all over the condo. He learned that he could just fit into this nightstand and tried it out over and over.

Jimmy and Hudson on our balcony. We were on the 11th floor and it made me a nervous wreck. most of the time we kept the door shut and locked. Hudson would crawl to it and get up on his knees and press his face to the glass to look out at the ocean.

Hudson like to eat as much sand and lick as much salt water as he could get away with. That might be why we awoke to a poopie explosion this morning!

We always end up with pictures of just one of us with the baby, but a sweet girl on the beach came up and offered to get some of the three of us.

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  1. looks like Hudson is on the move these days. He is so stinking cute. Looks like you guys all had fun.