Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall Pictures

Sunday, I plopped Hudson down in the yard to take some pictures. I need something to go on his birthday party invitations, and just hadn't found what I wanted. He was in such a great mood and posed like a champ. Later that night he started taking steps between Jimmy and me. Now he's up to about steps at a time and is walking as much as he can. still drops down to crawl if he really want's something, though. It won't be long before he's walking all the time.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend, we met up with some friends and took our kids to the pumpkin patch in a nearby town. It turned out to be a really cold day- very gloomy and raw. It wasn't actually raining, but it looked very threatening. All the kids cute clothes and our coordinating outfits were covered up by hats, coats, blankets, and, in Hudson's case, non-matching sweatpants.
At first we put him a wheelbarrow, but the metal was really cold, so just pushed him around in his stroller.

This place is one big photo op, and my goal was to get a picture for his birthday invites and a family picture for Christmas cards. Didn't have any that stood out as being exceptional, but he looked really cute with the fall backgrounds.

I thought the wagon pictures were especially cute.

Hudson, Reese, and Jackson

This picture cracks me up! His outfit had gotten hitched up and was too tight around the middle. He looks like a mad little sausage!

Reese and Hudson. As always, it's hard to get them all looking in the same direction.

Sometimes grass freaks him out, but looking at this happy smile, I guess he was OK with it today.

Ride 'em, cowboy!

He looks so big, yet so little. I had to put these ugly black sweatpants on him as it got colder so his little legs wouldn't freeze.

Hudson picks the biggest pumpkin

Cute family picture.

Hudson and Mommy

The petting zoo was something else. I felt like we had been transferred to the backwoods circa 1850. The man with the pygmy goats and bunnies was very nice and held up a baby so that Hudson could pet it. He had been quietly checking things out the whole time, but he really opened up and talked to the goat! It was gross, but I let him touch it.
At the end, we took a hayride around the whole thing. Very appropirate in length for the babies, but older kids would have been bored. Here's a picture of all the kiddies: Reese, Kennedy, Hudson, Jackson, and Brooklyn. As usual, Hudson has no sense of personal space, Jackson wants down, and they're all looking in different directions! All in all, it was a fun day.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hudson's Social Life

I haven't posted anything in a while because we've been so busy. Hudson is getting into the birthday party and social whirl. (Which I think is RIDICULOUS at his age!)

All the babies born last year are starting to turn one. It seems like yesterday we were all pregnant! Here's Hudson at Kennedy's party.

I didn't want Hudson to have a balloon, but his daddy had already given him one and he fell in love with it. He made horrible screechy noises chewing on it and I had to watch him like a hawk. We weren't sure he if he would wear his party hat, but he left it on the whole time. Here he is chilling with mommy.This is his surprised look. Somehow we didn't get a picture with him and the birthday girl. Kennedy and her sister Brooklyn are two of the prettiest girls I've ever seen, and they are both sooooooo smart.
Here's Hudson getting ready to leave church with his warm doggy hat to cover his ears. We had a bit of a battle over this one, but eventually he left it alone.
By coincidence, Reese also had a furry creature on her head, so we tried to get a good picture of them together. Hudson was more interested in looking at her than the camera!
Reese is a sweet girl, and very well behaved. She even tolerated Hudson when he reached over and put his hand in her mouth! She will have the next party out, then it's Hudson's turn!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

Tonight we were hanging pictures, (of Hudson,) when he found the measuring tape. He thought it was the coolest thing, so we gave him the hammer and decided to take a few pictures. It definitely takes longer to get a task done when he "helps," but its much more entertaining!
Do What?
He is intent on his new toys.
Everything goes in the mouth these days.
How far can I pull this thing out, anyway?

Growing Like a Weed

Hudson has reached the height now that he can turn the doorknobs in our house. We have the horizontal type that are flat, so he can be quite efficient if he gets the right grip. In this picture you can see that he still has to stretch a little bit to reach. We are keeping the deadbolts locked on all the doors leading outside, and praying our privacy lasts a little longer with the interior doors! It's always something with this little monkey!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dog Envy

I have coined a phrase for for Hudson's love of all things Brady: Dog Envy, With all the baby toys in the house, there is nothing that Hudson likes better than to play with something of Brady's. I don't know if it's that he sees the toys being demonstrated in front of him, or if it's a dominance thing between the two of them, but they constantly share the same toys. Jimmy is really grossed out by it, but I take a more live- and - let- live approach. Kind of a "God made dirt" kind of thing. This morning Hudson actually crawled up in Brady's bed and pulled his toys one by one out of his basket while I was piddling around doing chores. Of course he put each one in his mouth to sample. Oh, well, look at that big smile- at least he's having fun!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

Crummy, Rainy Day

On days like today, you just have to make your own fun. Hudson isn't letting his sniffles get him down. It was pitiful when his nose was too stuffy for him to drink his bottle this morning, but I have been spraying saline mist in his nose- huge fight every time- and he seems to be doing much better. He climbed up into the dishwasher to explore while I was loading it. I thought it was cute until yucky stuff started dripping down on his head, so I made him get out. On to bigger and better things! Who knows what this afternoon holds?

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We had a great time today spending time with our relatives from Chattanooga! It was a beautiful day, so we had a ton of outside time. For us, it was great having so many people helping us juggle our kid! Grandad had cooked tons of food for breakfast, so we were pretty much miserable all day after overeating. Everyone came down from Chattanooga and Aunt Kathy, Uncle Jackie, Grandad, and our whole crew were there at Grandad's house. Paying in the morning dew
Jimmy with my Great- Aunt Bernice. She is one of my favorite people in the world! She is one of the sweetest people alive and just loves Hudson.

Pop Pop and Pooh Bear
All the ladies- Isn't it funny how at family gatherings the men and women immediately separate into two separate groups? Pictured are Amberly, Aunt Edna, Jennifer, Aunt Caroline, and Brenda.
Open mouth, insert leaf. Ummm, crunchy! I figure it's not poisonous, so don't sweat it too much.
The light wasn't right for this picture, but I still think it turned out cute.
Talk to the hand, Pooh Bear! He loves babies, but Hudson wasn't in the mood for sloppy kisses.
Papa Bob gives Hudson his first taste of Cherry Coke. I thought they were sharing a water!
More, please!
Hudson loves to play rough with his Papa Bob!
He's had all the fun he can take for one day!
One of those rare pictures of Hudson and Mommy
Diane will take him wherever he wants to go!
Oh, no! Here he comes again!