Sunday, July 5, 2009

Goodbye Lemmings

All in all this has shaped up to be a rough day. Our sweet friends, the Lemming family are leaving our church and today was their last day. You always know when you have friends in the ministry that they will eventually get called to another place, but it's never fun. John and Missy have been such a big part of Hudson's life. They prayed for us to be able to get pregnant and were so joyful when we did. They were a constant source of encouragement during my pregnancy and were there for us with meals and support after he was born.
The kids are all three just fabulous and make such a big deal over Hudson. If you love my kid, you're pretty much on my good list!

Jada is great with all kids, but makes a huge deal over Hudson and he LOVES her!

Mary Grace tries to be a little mommy to Hudson even though she just turned 4. As soon as I finished taking the picture she said" He's hurting my legs, he's hurting my legs!" She even picked out and bought outfits for he and Reese to wear this summer.Somehow we missed getting a picture of Jake, but we love him too. Jimmy especially will miss having someone to play and talk sports with. We love these guys and wish them the best as they move on!

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