Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hudson vs. Brady

I've spent my day refereeing between the dog and the baby. I'm not sure who is currently winning, but I'm losing....my mind.

Exhibit A: With all the toys in this house you'd think Hudson would stay out of the dog bowls! (I'm pretty sure there was no food left in his dish.) He chose to pull Brady's bowls across the floor then puddle around in the water. Also, I have caught him chewing on one of Brady's squeaky toys.

Exhibit B: Hudson's new ball. Last night our neighbor brought by this ball for Hudson to play with. Brady promptly took over and boxed with it around and around the first floor. Today I decided to be firm and take it from Brady, but he's really fast. Look at Hudson's face as Brady swoops in to take his toy. Is this sibling rivalry?