Friday, July 10, 2009

He's A Dandy

Yesterday Hudson and I tooled around town for a few hours and I must say that out of all the compliments he got, this is my favorite. "He's a dandy!" Usually you here this from
older people or people from the country. Once I get over the initial ick factor of total strangers touching his face and hands, I am so proud of all the attention he gets. Everyone thinks that their child is beautiful, but to have it confirmed feels great! He grins and laughs at the old ladies and smiles and flirts with pretty girls. With men, he's pretty much ambivalent, or even uninterested. Another compliment I like to here is "He's a fine boy." This is the outfit he was wearing yesterday in honor of gearing up to go to the beach and he looks SOOOO big! Where did my little fella go?

1 comment:

  1. You turned around. That's where your little fellow went. I cry every day when I think of how big the twins are. I wish I had a few more hugs from them now they're to big to sit in my lap and hug my neck,much less kiss me on the cheek. I know they love me,but take my advice and take a little extra time every day. and do all that stuff. love ya,Pam