Saturday, July 11, 2009


Today Jimmy lowered the rails in Hudson's crib since he has been pulling up so much. We were afraid he would topple right over! I put him in to gauge the height and the first thing he did was crawl over to his aquarium and turn it on. It's this little fish aquarium with water and bubbles and music or nature sounds. He absolutely loves it! He was balanced precariously, and sure enough he planted his face on the rails right after I took this picture. This on top of the bruise on his forehead that I put there trying to get him into our friends' van last night! Oh well, I'm sure it's the first ouchies of many to come. After the initial shock, they don't seem to hurt him. He gets more mad than anything!

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  1. hey, as long as they are not bleeding too bad after a tumble, it is all good.