Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OK- this is my first blog post ever! One day my son is going to look back on this and laugh at how unsophisticated his mommy is! I am starting a blog so that I can REMEMBER all the crazy, fun wonderful things that we do on a daily basis. I love to scrapbook, but sometimes it's weeks before I get around to it and I can't remember all the details of what was going on when the picture was taken. They say your memory is the first thing to go, Right? Our Little Hudson is the light of my life and I want to truly cherish all the great things that are happening in his world. Right now, we are dealing with him rolling, tumbling, and maneuvering his way into whatever he finds interesting. Usually it is something inappropriate for baby. Sigh! Mommy needs to learn to keep up a little better now that he's mobile!

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  1. Congrats at starting a blog. let me warn you it's very addicting! lol I'm just browsing around today and found you so see I'm the first person to arrive very neat :O) Anyways, just want to say hello. Visit me also