Saturday, June 27, 2009

Battle of wills

We won! Jimmy and I have finally won out against our strong- willed child. A little background: The past 4 nights, Hudson has been waking up by midnight and will NOT go back to sleep. We have given him bottles (Which we stopped doing during the night over a MONTH ago!) We have rocked him, swaddled him, everything we could think of. If we did get him to sleep, his eyes would pop open the second we laid him down and we would start all over again. Mysteriously, if we laid him in our bed, he would rest peacefully. I even let him sleep for 30 min in our bed, then took him up to his crib and he immediately awoke. He has like this sixth sense or something. Problem is, we don't want him in OUR bed. It's only a queen, not to mention I'm paranoid about rolling over on him. So last night, Jimmy gets up with him and this whole think rocks on for an hour or more. Finally Jimmy comes downstairs minus baby and says he's through. He can't think of anything else to do. Let's try the cry it out approach. Well, this has never worked before, but we were at our wits' end. I watch him in the monitor and he's doing some serious gymnastic moves up there. He ends up untying the bumper pad and chewing on the strings. Major choking hazard, right? This goes on for about 30 minutes, and just when we're plotting strategy, we realize it's gotten quiet. He was ASLEEP! Miracles do happen! Score one for mom and dad!

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  1. yeah, that is what I had to do too. It works. They learn to self sooth some. Now I can put Ramsey down for his naps when he doesn't even seem tired but it is part of his schedule and he will do gymnastics for about 5-10 minutes and then be fast asleep. I think you guys are doing great! I think it teaches them some confidence too.