Monday, June 15, 2009

Dear Diary

Dear Diary..... Every time I start typing I have this deja vu thing back to writing in a diary as a kid! Anyway- What is it about having a baby that takes normal people and turns them into blathering idiots about their kid? I consider myself a pragmatic person- very down- to- earth. I'm not warm and fuzzy, I don't like to hug, I'm not "Sweet." Since Hudson has been born, Jimmy and I are both totally, stupid crazy in love with this child. I kiss him probably 50 times a day, and Jimmy's worse than I am. We act like we are the first people to ever achieve having a baby. And he's not just any baby. No, he's the smartest, most advanced, handsome baby ever born. We KNOW that he is going to be the very best at something when he grows up! Things that we would never have mentioned in polite company before, now we brag about. Things like bodily noises and/ or fluids. And while we're on that subject, if they brought one of those CSI blacklight things to our house, it would probably light up the entire block! We have had some serious messes! But I digress..... Even if we make some mistakes in our parenting, it's not from lack of love. I hope that comes through in everything we do and he grows up knowing that he's the apple of our eye!

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