Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Fathers Day

Lots of pictures today, but after all it's an awesome day! There were times in the past years that I wondered if Jimmy would ever get to experience a Fathers Day for himself. one of the reasons I wanted a baby so badly is that I knew what a great daddy Jimmy would be- and he is!

Crazy busy day yesterday! Hudson and I went to see Pop Pop and Grandpa while Jimmy and his dad did some work around our house. I wanted to make sure everyone got adequate, equal time and we didn't have this mad rush from stop to stop like we usually do. It was a great day, but unfortunately it's not captured on film because I forgot my camera! Hudson entertained Pop Pop and was on his best behavior for about and hour and we had a really great visit. on the way to Grandpa's (1 mile) he fell asleep and I couldn't wake him! As I was getting ready to go, he woke up in a sweet mood, so David and Grandpa got to see him in action. Last night, we all went to Amberly's for cake with my mom and dad. They adore Hudson! They got Jimmy a gift for being a great son-in-law.
This is what Jimmy woke up to this morning. (The toast is cinnamon, not burnt!) He's not as into holidays as I am, but I have the do unto others mindset.

Hudson always looks up to his dad! What a sweet smile for daddy!

Bulleted ListWe don't have very many family pictures, so I had a friend snap this at church. I'm not looking so photogenic today, but it's not about me, is it? Hudson's Sunday school teachers traced his hand and made a cute card.

Me, Hudson and my dad (Papa Bob)

We went to the country club for lunch, and when we got home, Jimmy and I were ready for a nap. Unfortunately, no one told Hudson about this plan! He was so sweet and playful, Here's a couple of pics of him giving daddy all his smooches.

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