Friday, August 28, 2009


Hudson's new thing is trying to fit himself into small spaces. Instead of going the long way around, he will try to squeeze between and object and the wall and worm his way through. The dining room table provides an excellent opportunity for practicing his houdini- ness. Yesterday, he got himself into a position he couldn't get out of.
He's puzzling it out in the picture. I try not to pick him up every time he wants help, thinking it's better to let him problem solve, but this time the was truly STUCK! However he bent to get under the chair, he couldn't unbend to get out. I heard him murmuring about it and went to check out the situation. He worked on it for about 5 minutes, but eventually I had to pull the chair out a little so he could worm free. He's really a neat kid. Hey, and don't judge us because he's crawling around in nothing but a diaper: There's a story behind that, too.


  1. funny. Ramsey was the same way at that stage and there is no shame in wearing only a diaper at home.

  2. Your son is so cute. And I do believe he gets cuter every day. I was thinking how cute he looked in just his diaper. Love ya, Pam