Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Glad to be Home

I am always glad to be home after travelling, but this time was more intense. The whole ride from the airport, I was worried that Hudson wouldn't remember us, or wouldn't be happy to see us. Well, we got there to pick him up and he was asleep. What an anticlimax! When he woke up, I rushed in to pick him up and he was just his normal self. Not excited, not confused, no reaction whatsoever! It was as if we had never been gone. I'm glad he did so well for his Nana and Grandaddy, but a smile would have been welcome! He achieved a lot of milestones while we were gone: He cut a tooth (E,) He mastered the mmmm sound and is saying mamamama, he slept late for them every morning, he got his first boo- boo from trying to walk between props, and he finally figured out how to feed himself those Gerber puffs. It seemed like we had been gone a month instead of just a few days! He even looked different! (Jimmy says he didn't.) I'm relieved that he did so well and that all my preparations for disaster were in vain, but mostly, I'm just glad to be home with him again!

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