Friday, August 14, 2009

Ducks and Fish (AKA Park Day)

Yesterday, Hudson and I met our Friends Amy and Cameron at the park for a little play time. Obviously, this consisted mainly of Hudson watching Cameron (who just turned 3) play. Surprisingly, he finds this very enjoyable. After some play time, we walked over with some stale buns to feed the ducks and fish.Up close and a little too personal with a BIG duck.
Hudson wasn't sure what he thought. Sometimes when he looks bored like this I think he's just processing and maybe a little overwhelmed.
Cameron throwing out some more bread. The fish were huge and prehistoric looking. I especially hated the white ones- Ugh!. They would come out of the water and fight with the ducks. The long whiskers were disgusting looking. We pegged the little turtles as underdogs and tried to give them the most food. They were actually pretty cute.
I was afraid to let Hudson out of his stroller in case we had to make a quick getaway- some of those ducks were pretty aggressive! Also, you can see all the poop laying around everywhere. Salmonella City! We rolled though it and had it all gooped up on his stroller wheels. It got hot, so we went back under the trees and ate some lunch where it was nice and cool. I think Hudson enjoyed his first time at the park, but who can tell?

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