Saturday, August 29, 2009

MAD Face

Yesterday started out GREAT! Hudson was in a good mood and I decided to stay in for the day since it was so yucky outside and have a cozy mommy/ son day. This plan rocked on until about 10:00. Hudson fought his nap for 2 entire hours. I tried everything in my bag of tricks, most of them twice. When he finally went to sleep at 12:15 I had to lay down, too. I was limp like a jellyfish. I have really surprised myself as a mom with how patient I am with Hudson. Yesterday pushed me to the absolute limit. He woke up screaming and kept up his fit throughout the rest of the afternoon. Now, don't think that I don't have sympathy for the little guy: I do. But this was not the typical teething or tummy pain cry. This was an "I'm bored, take me somewhere, let's do something" FIT! Jimmy came home and promptly decided to do some yard work. I felt like that commercial "Don't leave me with the baby!" By dinner time, I was FED UP. Hudson didn't want the particular dish that I served up and started to whine before I even got the spoon into it good. I am the ONLY person that makes him eat things he doesn't want, so it was one more round of me being the bad guy. I decided then and there he WAS going to eat his food. It took 30 minutes, but he ate every bite. I would have thought he just wasn't hungry, but interestingly, he wolfed down the puffs that I put in front of him before turning on his MAD face again. This is not a pitiful cry, folks. This is the face of fury, and I laughed the whole time. The second picture is blurry because he was a moving target, thrashing his head around.
After the HORRIBLE dining experience, I decided we had to get out of the house and took him on a stroller ride. I don't know how long we were gone, but I had a stitch in my side and we talked to everyone in the neighborhood we could find. After that, he was an angel baby the rest of the night. We let him stay up until after 10:00 because he was so much fun to be with. (And we were hoping he'd sleep in today- No dice, still 6am.) Hopefully I've shown him who's boss- yeah right! Here's to a better day today.

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