Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hudson's Birthday

Well, the big day has come and gone: Hudson is one year old now. I have been anticipating it for so long that today is kind of anticlimactic. We had a great family day together. Jimmy was off work and we went to the Georgia Aquarium, then took him to Shogun for lunch. At first he was a little afraid of the fire, but he liked it later when he saw it at the other tables. His present from us was a Power Wheels car. Jimmy couldn't wait and gave it to him the night before.

On his birthday when he got up the first thing he did was point at his car and want to go ride. He couldn't even wait to get dressed.
He's already gotten the hang of pushing the button to make it go, but of course he can't steer yet. We had a pitiful little cake that I baked then spackled together with frosting. He enjoyed eating it, and wasn't too messy! At one year old, he is obsessed with opening and closing doors. He's into everything! This week I saw him walking out of the bathroom with his shampoo bottle and haven't seen it since. There's no telling where he hid it! He's pointing at things that he wants and "talking," but there are no really recognizable words yet. He says Da Da and MaMa, but usually only when he's mad at me. He still only has 4 teeth. It has been 5 months now since he got a new tooth. I haven't weighed him in a while, I guess I'll find out his true weight at his 12 month check up next week. We have been going through a little bad spell with his behavior lately, but he seemed to do better yesterday, so maybe that's a thing of the past. Food-wise, he is still a great eater, but it's a mystery what he'll eat on any given day. He likes things one day, then won't eat them the next. I'll be glad when he gets older and I can tell him to eat what he's given, or wait until the next meal. Some days I feel like a short order cook.

In the tunnel at the aquarium. It wasn't very busy, so we just let him roam.

He was fascinated by all the fish and kept trying to touch them through the glass.

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