Monday, December 14, 2009

Sick Visit

Today had his first sick visit at the Doctor. I have been on pins and needles since Thurs night when started running a low- grade fever. Should I take him or should I not? His slight fever seemed to come and go randomly, and most of the time he was his normal self, playing and getting into mischief. Yesterday we decided that we would definitely take him this morning if he woke up with a fever again. I took him in and (of course) he didn't register a fever in the office. I learned that the rectal thermometer is not the most accurate? Wish I'd have known before poking it into his bottom about a million times to get an accurate temp! So all the times he was registering below 100.5, he actually didn't have a fever. Also, the pediatrician told me that I was wrong to attribute the low- grade fever to shots after the first 24 hours. At this point I was irritable and feeling foolish. The end of the story is that Hudson has some type of viral cold with yucky cough. We are putting him on steroids to try to clear up the congestion, but luckily it's all in his upper respiratory track, not down in his lungs. He has not been contagious, for which I am thankful! It is very stressful making decisions about this stuff! You know in your heart you are a good mom, but all the conflicting advice and modern medical junk makes you second- guess yourself! I'm glad I took him in, if only for my piece of mind, but wish the experience had been somewhat different.

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