Monday, December 7, 2009

Hudson's Birthday Party

These are just a few of the literally hundreds of pictures that we took at Hudson's 1st birthday party. Everything went really well, and I think both kids and adults enjoyed themselves. My goal was to make it kid friendly, so that Hudson could do whatever he wanted without me worrying over something breaking or getting knocked off a table into the floor.
His cute smash cake. He want so into the icing, but liked the cake.

Our little family.....Still eating... Auntie Am put this on his nose for a photo.
All clean!
The bubble machine was a big hit! I cleared out a space for the kids and let her rip during the whole party.
Who tied a balloon to his strap? That's just mean! (He looks like he enjoyed it, though.)
When's this party going to be over?
He had very limited interest in the presents, but liked the wrappings. Since he didn't want to open his presents, I opened them for him, and he eventually drifted over to get into the gifts.
Ooh.... a baseball!
He and Kennedy took turns getting in and out of the bag until it was completely demolished.
He really liked this truck set from Aunt Delores.
I'm glad everything went smoothly for his party. I liked having it somewhere other than our house, and will probably do that again next year.

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  1. We had a great time and I thought it was perfectly planned and executed. Way to go Super Mom!!!