Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kiddie Day Parade

Earlier this week, I had the bright idea of putting the babies in the Kiddie Day Parade here in town. After a series of ideas, we settled on the theme of "Friendly Rivalry." Hudson was pulling for Ga Tech, Jackson was for Tennessee, and Kennedy and Reese were Georgia cheerleaders.
Daddy and Hudson getting ready to leave.
At first he wanted to pull his hat off, but after a while he left it alone.
Serious face. Look at that belly!
He's got his game face on!
Getting the wagons ready
We had signs that "Friendly Rivalry" and "Game day with my friends." By the time the parade actually started, they had pulled all the signs off.Hudson and Reese. It was too funny- he kept digging through her hair then looking at his fingers like her was picking for lice!
We decided the guys could be the banner holders in front of our entourage. That idea was quickly squelched.
Jackson likes to ride in style. He doesn't like wagons, so he had his own set of wheels.
Raring to go- it's almost time for the parade to start!

Yay- Kennedy's here!
We could never get them to look at the same camera.

Here we go! Hudson tries to stand up in the moving wagon- not a good idea! As we started it began sprinkling. We made it about two blocks before the bottom fell out and we all bailed. We got under some awnings on the sidewalk and sent the men for our cars. We didn't get to finish the parade, but we did get breakfast at IHOP, so it was a win- win situation.

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  1. GREAT pictures! Hudson has the most wonderful smile & I love the serious face too. :-)
    Go GT!!!