Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fun at the Rome Braves Game

Last Night we went to the Rome Braves Game with some friends. First we went to eat at Olive Garden where Hudson has several new eating experiences: peas, carrots, bread and cheerios. He and Kennedy also ate their weight in puffs. Taking a long time to eat at a restaurant is for people with no kids! Jackson is the age to really enjoy the game, so he brought balls and bats for all the kids. He made friends with everyone sitting around us. He is really learning to share lately!
Some of the "big kids" shouldn't be allowed to play with bats!
Kennedy clapping for the team. Between the 4 kids and 8 adults, we had stuff spread out all over! By the end of the night the toys were making me a nervous wreck! They were everywhere! I kept trying to pick them up, (I don't know why) but the babies would drag them right back out. We were so afraid one of them was going to throw or hit a ball over the little fence onto the field and get us kicked out of the game.
Our friends Megan and Brandon have two of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. They have the biggest blue eyes. Kennedy and Hudson are about 7 weeks apart, and we're hoping for an arranged marriage one day! She is soooo advanced! I hope Hudson will learn from watching her. They play very well together.

Jackson does NOT like to have his picture taken. That would require standing still!
Like father like son. Jackson walked up to his dad and looked up, then posed exactly like him.
Brooklyn's beautiful smile. Towards the end of the game, some more people we knew came over and she finally had someone to play with.
Hudson telling his life story to Brandon. Sitting on Homerun hill was a blast, but it is a HILL. The babies were rolling around like little weeble wobbles! We all took turns making sure they didn't topple all the way down. In all the chaos, Hudson managed to get hold of a Little Debbie walnut brownie and start eating it.... through the plastic. I guess we learned a lot of food that he's not allergic to last night! After the game there were fireworks, and I loved getting to enjoy Hudson watching them. He was in awe! He was asleep before we even got to the car.

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